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Welcome to the NCM Stings Youth Lacrosse website.

We are an organization that promotes the game of lacrosse, sportsmanship, teamwork, and athleticism. We welcome players of all abilities and our goal is to teach kids the proper skills, along with training and conditioning, so they get an understanding of the game and develop a life long love for lacrosse! We play all of our kids equally, regardless of skills, in order to nurture their participation in a great game, and to provide a positive experience for all involved. As part of the MBYLL, there are no scores or standings kept and no championships awarded. This creates a great environment to develop players of all abilities in a sport which is new to most.


North Central Mass Youth Lacrosse

Spring 2018 Registration


Registration has been extended!


Guidance on Age Limits for Teams

There have been questions about the age groups associated with the different team. 

To clarify the below information is from the Massachusetts Bay Youth Lacrosse Player / Parent Information guide.  A link to the entire file can be found below.

FOR U15  -  Players are in 7th & 8th grades AND not 15 years old as of Aug. 31st prior to season

FOR U13  -  Players are in 5th & 6th grades AND not 13 years old as of Aug. 31st prior to season

FOR U11  -  Players are in 3rd & 4th grades AND not 11 years old as of Aug. 31st prior to season

FOR U9    -  Players are in K, 1st & 2nd grades AND not 9 years old as of Aug. 31st prior to season





To ensure the safety of all parties involved and the cleanness of the field.
  1. ONLY CORI cleared coaches and NCM Sting players are allowed on the field while practice and games are being conducted.  All others are to remain  behind the fence which surrounds the field.
  2. ONLY WATER is allowed on the turf field.  All other drinks need to be left behind the fence.
  3. ALL TRASH is to be picked at the end of your practices and games and placed in the trash barrels located at the field.

These rules apply to everyone.
Field usage is a privilege not a right.


by: VK